working too hard

The end of my job with my current company is in sight, but not as in sight as I would like. I was hoping to take my holiday days in May, so I can finish 2 to 3 weeks before the end of the month, but my boss is not keen. She wants to pay me out, I want to have a holiday.

I so need a holiday

I so need a holiday

The problem is that they have not yet found a replacement for me. It is not my fault that I am pretty much irreplaceable ; ) or could it be because they did not start looking for a whole month, and now they are they do not want to use any agencies? There is a money saving drive going on, but sometimes I think they save money in the wrong place. Today they announced a voluntary release program, which admittedly sounds something like getting out of prison early, but actually means you can volunteer to leave and you get a pay out.
For me it is too late, I have already resigned. If I had not, I think I would have taken the package. It would have in a way been nice to have had some time to decide what job I next wanted, rather than having to have a job before I could quit.

Somebody asked why they were offering this program. After all, we are all overworked, and it will cost money to get people to leave, as they are clearly hoping the long termers who are on higher salaries will take it. They get the higher payout. It remains to be seen if they are replaced by younger cheaper workers, or whether the rest will have to work even more than now. The reason given for the program is to save money. Hmm.

I have been reading a book, about choosing yourself, by James Altucher. I do not agree with all he writes, but i can see where is coming from. He talks of corporate america where the firms do not care about the employees, and permanent jobs have gone to be replaced by cheap temp workers. Where America leads, the rest follow and that does seem to be the way things are going over here. We must all learn to be more adaptable and prepared to move jobs continuously.

So James counsells us to have several income streams, to choose ourselves and not allow the system to win. He is right, we should choose ourselves. I am always telling my daughters to follow their dreams and persue a career which they enjoy and not just the one that pays the most.

Another book I have been reading, was on similar lines, also written by an American. It is how to be rich and happy, which is defined as doing what you want to do when you want to do it. In essence it is the same thing, it is choosing ourselves, and choosing how we use our time, how we spend our money. Is it on something that makes us happy, or something that does not, but we have to do or have to buy, for all the wrong reasons?
It made me think.

Being able to do what I want when I want, would mean I could take vacation when I want without having a boss who says no. This is a goal I am working towards. I have a plan 🙂

It seems I have a lot of time to read, but this is bacause of the daily commute, sitting in the train. Lucky I have a kindle, where would I be without it? Playing on my phone like lots of others perhaps. These 2 days we have had train strikes, again. But even when they strike, some trains run, so I have managed to cram on the train there and back these two days, and even managed to get a seat after some of the journey each time.

Is not being able to take vacation a rich countries issue only I wonder? am I being selfish in wanting to choose myself when so many other people are struggling with their daily lives, out of work or out of hope? Am I being selfish to wish I could get away to the beach, when thousands of people are fleeing to the sea to escape war and then they are drowning as they try to reach our shores?
Actually no I am not. Because these people who are fleeing, and those who are drowning, are still choosing themselves. They are trying to get a better life than what they have.
There is something wrong with our world though when those in work are overworked and stressed out, while so many people are out of work or earning a dollar a day for doing far more.

This post has turned into a bit of a ramble, but that is because I need a holiday 🙂
for now, I will make do with my bed. Good night.