view from my desk

The view from my desk is starting to look a little better

I finally managed to negotiate a leaving day with my boss. It is not the date I hoped for, but also not as late as she wanted me to work, so we agreed a happy compromise. The 21st May will be my last day. Only 3 weeks to go, and my filing tray is now, after months of being overflowing, totally empty. I managed this by having my daughter come in to sort it out – well that was the plan, but then the HR manager spotted her and sent her away – not insured or something. By this point however, she had sorted most of it into piles that more or less made sense. So I filed them, and then with the rest, I reasoned that we had electronic versions of all of it, so I threw it away. This was my move to a paperless office. 😉

treesIn another move towards a paperless office, the very same HR manager had sent a mail round earlier last week asking her to all cut down on printing, in order to do our bit for the planet. The mail backfired – maybe everybody printed it, but whatever it was, the amount of printing shot up. The target had been a 7% decrease on the previous week figure of 13,714 prints. Instead we had a 65% increase to 22,653 prints!!!!!

I cannot imagine how many trees that must be, that is incredible. We are no more than 100 people, how can that be? I did suggest a more targeted campaign to the main offenders rather than a general email to everybody.

This weekend we had a bank holiday. May 1 is Tag der Arbeit, which means day of the work ironically enough. We did work though, with sorting out the home office. My husband had had the bright idea of putting an old rubber backed mat on the floor under the desk to protect the wood floor. Unfortunately it had the opposite effect and it stuck to the floor taking off a layer of the wood in the process. So that is another job to do before we move out.

Tomorrow we start with my final month end close with my current employer. I have been told that I just need to be on standby effectively, as they want to test closing without me. They still have no replacement for me, and there will not be one before the 1 September thanks to the 3 month notice periods that are standard here. So my assistant here in Germany, who has only been doing the job since Jan, plus my boss in France and a colleague in Spain have to cover – should be interesting.

I have been trying to get everything up to date as much as possible before I leave, filing statutory accounts in the countries I can, and getting the audit finished where possible. The last 2 weeks were stress pure with the German auditors on site. Of course we did not finish it. There are too many people who have to deliver info in order to really get it done in 2 weeks. Normally it takes months. In fact it got so long last year, that now the auditor is already muttering about charging for overrun. I told her to do so if she must. If we do not get the resources then something has to give somewhere.

So maybe this week will be easier, but I doubt it. One spanner in the works is that the train drivers union have announced yet another strike. This one will run from Tuesday until Sunday, it is the longest ever from train drivers here. It will also cause major overcrowding on our one train an hour, assuming that is even running. Time to do some home office I think, and then just go in later in the day – my husbands idea, and for once not a bad one.