throwing a party in the 21st century

Now that the date of us moving back to Switzerland is coming closer and closer, our minds turned last night to planning a farewell party at the end of June. The party will take place on the Friday, we can finish packing and cleaning on the weekend, and the removal van will arrive on the Monday. That is the plan in any case.

it should also take place in the big garden we have out the back, so hopefully the weather will be good.

Planning the party on the other hand, could be more complicated. We want to keep it simple, but just thinking about the food gave us the first complication. It has to be gluten free for me and my girls, vegetarian or even better vegan for others. Some are avoiding carbs just to complicate things even further.

My husband just wanted to throw some sausages on the fire – but that is not going to work.

Then there are the entertainments. There will be guests of all ages from new born to nearly 80, from different worlds, not knowing each other. I want to make a fun party for all ages, and avoid people sticking only with people they know. Actually, that is something I have noticed about German parties, nobody tries to mix up the groups, and it is only few who will move from group to group, and those few are normally us 🙂

So this party will be different. i am planning some games that all can join in with. I have found some great easy outdoor games that should get people mixing. Plus I am thinking about a giant canvas and some paints, so everybody can add their best wishes ( or otherwise) in paint. Instant art we can hang at home. That would be so cool.

We are also planning a cocktail bar run by my daughter in the evening, and perhaps summer non-alcoholic punch for the afternoon.

Music is a must, and my daughter has musical friends, and maybe even i can get a singer along with her band, that would also be great. There is a busker in the subway near my office who also plays at parties, but in the subway he is clearly a Gilbert O Sullivan fan, and my husband is not. But I might ask him what else he can do.

Then there are the logistics, like parking- of which we have none. I might suggest people bring along a glass and a plate, to save on our resources. The Germans love desserts, so I suspect there will be quite a few of those brought along too.  Which brings us back to the food – hmm, anybody got any ideas of low carb, gluten free and vegan easy party food?