The Nuki baum

nukibaum2when my daughter was very young, she had a pacifier, or a nuki as it is called in Switzerland. When we got to the stage where I felt she was too old for one, I tried everything to persuade her to get rid of it. We left it for Santa, we left it for the easter rabbit, we symbolically cast it into the river, all to no avail. She would even trade sweets against a nuki with friends. In the end i came up with a new plan. I told her we would plant the last nuki in the garden, and then a nuki tree would grow, and then she would have an unlimited supply to share with her friends too. For some reason this worked. Maybe it was the promise of the nuki harvest that did it, or maybe she was finally old enough not to need it anymore. However it was difficult to maintain this story as the tree did not grow. I told her it needed time. I think my daughter stopped believing in the nuki tree, but the other day i found one, growing in a garden here in Germany. The pacifier here is termed a Schnuller, and this tree was a fine specimen. I do not know how long it took to grow, but here it is in full flower.

nuki baum