Tidy desk, tidy mind etc.

So my last day with my current employer has passed. Leaving a job means that i had to do my filing, clean my desk, empty my drawers, and sort some cupboards. I was doing it on and off all week. This is a big deal for me. I hate filing and do it too infrequently. Honestly speaking most of the filing went into the recycling box, which is where it could have gone in the first place. All those docs I had been meaning to read got tossed and the intray was pruned just as ruthlessly. When one is leaving the company then a lot of papers become irrelevant.
i emptied my drawers. Stuff that i could have given to HR years ago finally made it there. I went through the filing cupboards boxing up stuff for.archiving, bringing order to mess.
So if a tidy desk really is the sign of a tidy mind, then now is my chance to do things differently in my next job. I will have less space for a start, i have to be more organised. I will start as i mean to go on which is with a sound digital filing system. Scan it and trash the paper will be my credo. Then i do not have to do physical filing.
I have been surfing a bit for tips for organising a desk. Keeping it clear of knick knacks and personal stuff is one tip. Which reminds me, 3 tubes of hand creams turned up this week, probably a little excessive.
One author suggested a two tray system, one for new items, the other for work in progress. So no filing tray, which in my case would be good, then i am forced to file it as i go, and no tray for stuff i will read when i have time, like never.
Maybe i should allow myself one folder for reading stuff, and try and plan some time each day to read.
In fact that is probably the key to a tidy desk, planning in time each day to review the 2 trays, to read, to scan, to plan.

Another tip i came across was to use post it notes for ideas and to have them on view. To be honest I am not keen on that idea, it will get messy. I much prefer Evernote for my ideas. Evernote is one of my favourite apps. I have it on my tablet and my phone, and it just makes it so easy to keep notes and always have then with me. However up to now I have not used it for work, even though evernote tries to encourage it. To use for work would need more space, so i would have to pay, but maybe it would be worth it.  For work i use outlook notes function extensively, and actually it works really well. In fact i am always surprised when i meet with people at work who never use it.
A place for everything and everything in its place is possibly the best way, then one tube of hand cream would be enough for example 😉