Day 4

Day 4 and I have a functioning laptop, plus a key for the coffee machine, the sun is shining every day and my life is my own with no housework to do in the evenings. Staying Airbnb for a month really is easy. Poor hubby gets to stay in Germany and finish the packing, and i get to ride my bike in the sunshine every day and go into work.
The new job is now going well. The people are nice, the systems work, the IT department responds quickly, and there is no big pressure as yet. I guess it helps that not everything is set up yet and I am still finding my way, so i will enjoy it while it lasts.
This evening I realised that is it technically month end close. This had to be the easiest close ever. I had nothing to do. Hope that part lasts too. ๐Ÿ™‚

So this evening I left a bit earlier so i could go and buy my half price train pass at the companies expense. For this i needed to cycle back to my digs, pick up my bank card, cycle into the city and get some photos done. I hate those photo booths. I clearly have a totally different idea of how i look than a camera does.
I sat down and picked the passport photo option. You get 3 tries. All 3 were terrible. I looked like a crazy woman. I canceled the lot and started again. The next were not much better, but i had to choose one option in the end. Actually when they printed they were mildly better than the preview, but not great for the ego.


The railway company accepted it in any case. Then on the way home i stopped off to buy groceries. The lady I am house sharing with always ends up cooking so i decided it was my turn. There was a young guy in there looking for the whisky. Not sure why he thought I might know where it was, but because both of us were English speakers we got chatting at the till. He had found his whisky and was buying that and several cans of red bull. I had to ask about food.
Apparently he was heading down to the river with some friends. He invited me to join them, but I declined. Whisky and red bull is not my thing.
Outside he asked me whether he could see me again, he would like to party with me. !!!
I had to laugh. I told him that I was way too old for him and peddled off. It almost made up for the photo booth.
Crazy guy. Did he really think I was chatting him up??

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