dear colleagues

photo-1429032021766-c6a53949594fYou know those emails that come round from HR when someone new starts, with a stylised picture and a short description of who they are and who they will be reporting to?  At my last company they were arriving every week it seemed, and iI for one, found it hard to keep up. I could never remember who anybody was just on the basis of one of the standard mails.

So to avoid this issue and try and make my arrival slightly more relevant for my new colleagues I decided to send an email to the whole office introducing myself , giving some background of what i had done, where i had been etc, and rounding it off with an  open invitation to people to drop by and say hello. I mentioned that there was chocolate.

That mail resonated better than I had dared to hope and I got several replies which allowed me to follow up with them finding out what their job titles meant for example. One guy even invited me to his workplace as i was leaving the office and showed me what he did, and it was really interesting and helpful.

So i am really pleased I did this, and I am looking forward to seeing what other responses i have on Monday. There is certainly plenty of chocolate left 🙂