Friends that boost


You know how there are people who lift you and make you feel happy to be alive, and then there are people who do the total opposite? Today I spent too much time with somebody who just can’t seem to look on the bright side of life.
She really does not have reason to be unhappy, other than too much time on her hands it seems.
She said so herself, that because she is retired and has nothing else to worry about, then she worries about the world, which is of course getting worse.
She has signed up with exit, a Swiss organisation that  helps you end your life if you have a serious illness to cope with. Fair enough, i personally have nothing against voluntary euthanasia in certain circumstances,  but it was the view she held that society does not want old people in any case,  so she would be doing everyone a favour. For me, just because society might or might not see old people as a burden, and may be or may not be right, is no reason to exit early.  In fact it would make me do the opposite.
I am one for celebrating life.  I admire anybody who makes it over 80 and still enjoys life. I want to be like that. I intend to be old, as old as i can, whilst still keeping all my marbles and making the most of life.
Spending time with people who see only problems does bring me down i must admit. The wise suggest to keep away from such people, but i do not always follow the wise, because this person seems to enjoy spending time with me, and she seeks me out. So i feel i should spend time with her, just not too much