Working with the Chinese

I have been 7 weeks in my new job so far and here are a few random observations I have made about working with my Chinese colleagues

1. As a female, the Chinese females are friendlier to me than the male ones. Male Chinese tend to ignore me. Mind you, I do not take it personally, they pretty much ignore western men too.

2. In Chinese companies it is all about status and position. Nobody argues with the CEO and it is all about your title.

3 in Chinese companies internal emails are often written with the greeting as simply “Dears” or “Hello dears”.

4. The process and rules takes precedence over the people, presumably because of the political system in China.

5. The customer comes first.

6. Meeting the KPI’s is very important, almost more important than number 5.

7. Western Chinese cuisine is generally a big disappointment to native Chinese people.

8. When Chinese people are talking together, it can get very loud and emotional.

9. Chinese people like big mobile phones.

10. That Chinese people work hard and do a good job is not a myth. Little wonder they are taking over everywhere.

And finally, something I learnt just today.
Never trust a Chinese snack………