sleeping on a train

Monday morning again, and time to go to work, school or college. Yesterday I boarded the relatively early (8:30) train to Bern. I took the IC from Thun, as I was heading to Germany. There were 2 young people sitting in the same place as me. They were in their early 20’s. One was a young man with piercings in his mouth and nose and wearing an aggressive motorhead T shirt. The other was a young woman, not so agressive looking. Both had earphones on, both were asleep.

The excesses of the weekend meant they needed to use the train trip to catch up.

The music the young man was listening to matched his T shirt. It had a lot of bass, and  it was easy for me to hear, which means it must have been deafening for him.

It is also pretty anti social. I was glad he got out in Bern. 😉

I remember in Germany that people would say something to other passengers if the music was too loud etc, or they were talking too loudly on their phones. Here in Switzerland people do not say anything. Live and let live seems to be the motto. When I got on another train tonight, back here in Switzerland,  there was a girl sleeping, spread across the seats in a seating for 4 people area. Everyone gave her a wide berth and let her be. Or maybe it is just around Bern that we let them be. Around Zürich it might be a different story. Bern is known for being more easy going and laid back.

wishing you a nice evening, take it easy 🙂