in praise of vitamin D

vit dWhen I was last at my doctors, he ran a bunch of blood tests and discovered that not only were my iron levels exceedingly low, but that despite our amazing summer, so were my vitamin D levels.

I had not really thought much about vitamin D before, but the doctor told me that not only was it very cheap, but that it was the best thing to protect against osteoporosis as it is vital to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

I am now at the age when Doctors feel the need to warn me of these things. So I started taking the vitamin as a supplement and have found that not only is it making my bones strong, but it seems to be having a great affect on my nails, which are finally getting longer and stronger, plus my hair is also getting longer and thicker. Then the other day I read somewhere that vitamin d may also help promote a better memory and protect against dementia later on. Wow, this is good stuff.

Apparently it will also protect me better against colds and flu, which at this time of year has to be good.

So really it is the wonder vitamin. I am not sure why I have not been absorbing it from the sun. Maybe it is because i am coeliac, or maybe because I spend too much time at the office and wear sun protection on my face when I am getting there. Whatever, it is lucky it is cheap and easily available.

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    • Thank you. What my doctor also said was that I could take the whole bottle of vitamin D at once and it would not have any adverse effects, so I guess that means no risk of having too much vitamin D.


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