thought of the day

my thought of the day today, is

what (legal) act would you do, if there was nothing or nobody to stop you?

Now this is not the same as ” what would you do, if you could not fail?”, there is a  difference in my view.  The question above implies a permission to try, and to perhaps fail. However you are free from judgement or obligation, free from concern about cost or practicality.

So what would you do?

And when you have thought about what you would do, perhaps you can think about the next question.

why would you do it?

And then when you have established the what and the why, it is time to think about

what or who is stopping you now?

It cannot be the law that is stopping you, so you are within your rights to do whatever it is you want to do.

If  fear of failing is stopping you, do not let it. Fear is never a good reason to not do anything.

If fear of what others might think is stopping you, then ask yourself what you think they will think, and why? Would they be right? Do they have a right to judge you? Nobody has a right to judge another if that other is not doing anything illegal.

Even if some would claim you are being immoral, even if not illegal, then that is just their viewpoint. Nobody has a right to judge another………………..

Perhaps the practicalities are stopping you, not enough cash, not enough knowledge, or skill. These are the easy ones, for if we really want to do something, then we will find a way. It lies within our means. We can acquire the knowledge or the skill. We can save money, follow our dreams, convince others to invest, find a way somehow.

Finally perhaps you do not do it because of obligation to others, that is the hardest to deal with. That in my view is harder than fear of failing, but in itself is also a form of fear. It is a fear of letting others down, of disappointing somebody, or hurting somebody. This is the hardest thing to do to those we love. But life is short and sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind. What can we lose by talking to those people who we feel obligated to? Perhaps they can help, if they love us. Perhaps they cannot. But if you really want to do something, why should you not?


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