Getting to China

time_travel_grvrbbrs_20090924The plane left late at night, but it was already 6 in the morning at our destination. While we tried to sleep on the plane, people were going to work at our destination. When we were woken by the lights coming on in the plane, people were just going to work in Switzerland, but we were an hour from touchdown at the end of the working day.
Hong Kong is a mass of lights and traffic. There were people in masks ready to take temperatures of arriving passengers. Custom officials processed us all checking our reasons to visit. The luggage was very quick considering, or maybe it was not when I consider the long walk we had had from the plane. After 11 hours though, that walk is good.

I had wanted to take the bus to mainland China. In fact my boss had advised it, so I followed the signs to the coach counter. But instead of a coach, I ended up in a minibus taxi. Same price so no problem, it also looked like it would be quicker as taxis weave in and out of traffic where buses cannot go. I would not want to drive in China, that have no patience. The traffic is heavy, but we made good time to the border. First you exit Hong Kong territory and a man in a mask checked every person to their passport. Then you enter China mainland and a woman in a mask checked every person to the passport, then we stopped. A bunch of people got out of our minibus and some new ones got in. We headed off again, weaving in and out, blasting the horn and flashing the lights. Then we drove into an underground parking, which was slightly alarming. Change cars said the driver, so we did, each going in a different car with new people. But the ticket was still valid, nobody wanted more money. So then we were off again, 4 in the cab, nobody spoke English. We weaved in and out just like the first guy, and went into a gated community to drop off the first guy. Fascinating. I was not worried that I would not get to my hotel, I just wondered when it would be.

But suddenly we were pulling in front of a building and it was my stop. So I made it. The room is rather cold as they seem to have been thoughtfully airing it all day. The restaurant downstairs had slabs of giant fish outside, next door they were still swimming. Nobody speaks English. This is a very authentic part of Shenzhen.

So now I go to bed and try and sleep. It feels like the 11pm it is actually rather than the 4 in the afternoon it is back home, so that is good. Maybe I will avoid jetlag, and lose weight. šŸ˜‰

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  1. My son has just got back from China….goes there often. Entirely different culture etc…of course. Much as others may feel when they come here…. Must be fascinating to experience….Enjoy! Hugs!

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