Day 1 Shenzhen

The temperature in my room last night was 13 degrees Celsius. I tried the air conditioning but that only reduced the temperature by another degree. I did not get much sleep.
I was not the only one though. It turns out that none of the hotels possess heating, not even the Sheraton. We were all tired and cold this morning, and it was raining. Not really an auspicious start to our tax seminar. 120 people filled into a training room and no coffee.
We started at 8:30 in the morning, which is 1:30 am back home, in Chinese and basically it continued in Chinese all day. We had simultaneous translation through an earpiece, but all the power point slides were in Chinese.

It is not really easy to follow when you cannot read the slides and I was a bit surprised, after they had gone to the expense and trouble of inviting lots of non Chinese, they could have translated the slides.
Lunch was good though, if expensive, but the afternoon was a battle against sleep, plus we overran, but at least the last sessions were in English. Then a few of us went for dinner in a much better restaurant than the one near out hotel. The food was delicious and easy to share on a round dish in the middle.



And afterwards we walked back to the hotel. I had left a note in the morning on my pillow, in Mandarin, saying that the room was too cold, and voilà, look what was there? 🙂


The window was open too, but I guess I cannot have everything.

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  1. No heat? Really? I am always so intrigued by the basic expectations we have when we travel and by the places that don’t meet them. Good thinking by the way. Leaving a note.

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