Getting to Hong Kong

I had a choice. Take a cab or take public transport. The concierge advised me to take a cab. It is Chinese new year he said, everyone is travelling. It will take 3 hours to clear the border with public transport.
The taxi option would be around 1000 HKD. The metro was 60 HKD.
So I decided on a mud body wrap and massage, and public transport.
It was actually pretty straight forward. One metro stop and I was at the border. The signs for Hong Kong were not immediately clear, but I found them finally. Exit A. They divided people between Chinese and foreigners. This actually worked well for me, for there were not many foreigners. There were 29 gates for Chinese, and 1 for foreigners, and masses of people in every line, except mine. So within half an hour of leaving my hotel, I had exited China territory.
Then we lined up to enter Hong Kong. Again the signs were not totally clear, but there was a separate line for foreigners with Macau permanent residents added in. There was also a separate line for the old and disabled. It was longer than the rest, slow moving and no chairs. I was not sure what that was for.
It did not take so long, maybe another 30 minutes and I was in.
There is a train in from the border. There are 2 ways of getting tickets. An oyster card with credit, or a single at the machine. The machine takes notes and like the ones in Shenzhen was easy to use by just pointing at the station.

So all in all i reached my hotel at around 1, which was 3.5 hours after I set off. A cab might have saved me am hour, but it would have been the easy way. I saw a lot from the train, it was surprisingly green, plus I now know the area better having walked from the station.



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