sailing away

my last day in Hong Kong was yesterday. I had a day to kill before my incredibly late flight, and exceedingly sore feet from all that walking the day before.

My top tip for you if you are planning a trip with lots of sightseeing – wear decent walking shoes.

So anyway I needed a rest day yesterday, so after dropping my case at the in town check in – brilliant idea by the way, at central or Kowloon station, i put my hand luggage in left luggage and decided to spend the day sailing. Very easy on the feet.


this is the boat. A very chinese looking craft, but with an engine 🙂

The trip was a sail to Stanley which used to be a British Garrison, a couple of hours there, and then a sail back. Easy, especially with these lovely loungers on board:


plus a free drink for everybody.

here are some of the views:


the fun fair, central district where we set off from.


from a bit further, with Victoria peak in the background


heavy shipping, which cause quite a bit of swell



try and imagine how many people live in these buildings.


or in these


a quiet spot


approaching Stanley


a temple at Stanley, incense burning outside


the view out from Stanley to our boat moored nearby

I had a super lunch here, at a place called the pickled pelican, which was a pub with a Chinese theme, and they had a really good menu, including pumpkin and quinoa salad with cranberries and goats cheese! perfect if you are coeliac like me.


view from inside the pickled pelican


inside the pickled pelican

So all in all, it was a good day. Just the rest day i needed. That would be my next top tip – always plan in a rest day. 🙂