my top 10 travel tips for Asia

  1. wear good walking shoes.
  2. drink lots of water, and carry it with you.
  3. never pass by the opportunity of a western style toilet.
  4. learn a few local words, like hello – ni hau, goodbye for which you can use bye bye, and thank you xie xie. This is all in Mandarin. no idea what it might be in other dialects, but showing you are trying is always a plus.
  5. remember landmarks so you can find your way back when you cannot read the roadsigns.


7 . stay open to new experiences

8. if you have special dietary requirements, carry a local translation of your needs, and like the toilet, keep an eye out for opportunities for good value food.

9. Always have a local translation of the address you are going to, using characters like above. Taxi drivers generally do not understand your language, bus drivers definitely not.

10. Don’t compare to back home. You are not home, this is all different, Embrace it.

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