Setting up my phone

Remember I won a phone when in China, well now I am trying to set it up.
It is a little bit challenging.

It started well, allowing me to select my area and language, so I selected Switzerland and German. Then working through it, I was informed that I had VIP status. Wow, with lots of benefits. I went through the registration process, to be then informed that it is not available in my region.
So next came cloud services. I was going to skip that, but it said, are you sure? It is really good, so I went through the registration process to be again told it is not available in my region.!
I also noticed that not everything was in German. Some Chinese characters were popping up now and then.

I checked the settings and changed the keyboard, and while I was at it changed the system language to UK English. This has the benefit apparently of being fully supported for the speech recognition apps, whereas Belgium English is not, whatever that might be.

Then I got to trying to get some apps. Every app is in Chinese. The app store shows only Chinese apps!


This could be tricky.
Currently it is doing system updates. The log is in Chinese


It could take a while

Update: I managed to download playstore, and it runs in english 🙂 Now I can download all my favourite apps. Still lots of chinese apps left, pre-installed, that I dare not delete, but at least it has enough storage so I do not have to


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