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Image via Garance Dore

I came across this picture today via another blog, and there are a lot of things I like about this interior. My eye was particularly drawn to the cross legged statue sitting on the nice wooden floor. Behind it is a tall window, just like through by the kitchen. The windows look to be practically floor to ceiling and let in so much light. Could that be a balcony with a ironwork railing through that window?

And then the kitchen, a nice clear table with wooden chairs. I love the curved backs of those chairs and the flowers in the middle. I also love the high splashback in the kitchen and the uncluttered look. There are cupboards there, but they seem to disappear, due to the lack of handles I guess. Getting things out of those cupboards must be challenging, but they look great.

I am not convinced by the mass of lights over the table. The messy look is not for me, and the piece of art in the corner, a sculpture on a bent nail – maybe not, but otherwise I like this space. I love the wall as well that you can just see behind the woman, with its dark and glossy paper on it, plus the sofa and its shiny cushions

This is quite a minimalist space in terms of colours, but it works, because it uses a lot of natural materials and light.

what do you think? what do you like and dislike about this space and could you live in it?


4 thoughts on “picture analysis

  1. I love lots of light and big windows. And I love simplicity and elegance. So there is lots to like in this space including the tree in the pot. Like you I don’t like the nail sculpture thing or the messy wires over the table, and I’d like higher backs to my sofa, and would probably want to add some touches of colour – not yellow although the daffodils are a lovely touch. Probably turquoise!


  2. Love the colors (or absence of them) that makes the space look uncluttered and inviting. Although it must be a pretty impractical kitchen, unless you are an NBA player.


    • I agree, unless there is a secret system for getting things out. Actually the kitchen we put in the apartment for our daughter also has pretty high cupboards. She now has a very tall boyfriend and a lot more of them have become much easier to access. 🙂


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