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_88430988_arrested976today I read a story in the BBC about Christians fleeing persecution, being locked up in Thailand. Thailand does not want asylum seekers, regardless of background or what they are fleeing and they lock up anybody who does not have a permit to stay.

They are locking up Men, Women and Children. The prisons are overcrowded. The men are chained, the children are ill. The UN is overwhelmed and has a huge backlog of cases. It seems so desperate for these people

Whether you are a Christian or not, I think nobody can fail to be shocked by the report. I was certainly shocked and so decided that now I do have something that I feel strongly about to raise a petition

Please sign my petition under this link:

and you can read the story at the link below, which is where the photo came from.


thank you


7 thoughts on “my first petition

  1. Thank you so much for doing this, Sue. I have signed and shared on Facebook. There is a great deal of concern about this and David Alton in particular (member of the House of Lords and a very persistent advocate for justice around the world) is working hard to get the persecution of Christians in other countries treated as genocide. It is frightening what is happening to my fellow-believers, but not to them only, also to other minority groups, including atheists.


  2. The number of people signing is doubling daily but still slowly. Nobody wants to be a refugee, these people have no choice but to flee. They cannot choose to stay in their safe homes, for they do not have one.


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