Thoughts on Easter

Today is Good Friday, the start of  the most important Christian holiday of the year. It is more important that Christmas. Around the world a lot of people marked Easter in a much more religious way than I did, and a lot more other people didn´t. In a lot of countries Easter is of course not relevant or not a public holiday.

For most people here where I live, Easter is an excuse for a long weekend. There is no religious relevance to it at all. Cadburys got into trouble for dropping Easter from the eggs. The fact they got into trouble I guess shows that Easter is still important to a lot of people. But what about those people who just want the days off and some chocolate eggs?

Easter and Christmas are Christian festivities, in a time when Church attendance is dropping, at least in the West, and more and more are actively turning against or away from the Church. A lot of people in the west probably do not even know what the significance of Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Easter Monday is, and more to the point they do not want to know.

Should society be thinking about dropping public holidays as a right for all? Would it be better to give everyone  extra days a year to take when it is right for them? Christians would take them at Easter and Christmas, Jews at Purim, Yom Kippur and all their other important festivals, Muslims at Ramadan and Hijra, etc etc. And for those who follow no set religion, can take the days to make their own festivals. Maybe those who follow a religion get more days than those who do not – now there is a radical idea 🙂

Bank holidays cost industry a lot of money. In the UK it has been estimated at 2,3Bn pounds per holiday. Multiply that around the world, and you can see that there could be a lot of reason to reduce the number of them.

One other thing I have noticed as well about bank holidays, is that generally the weather is terrible. It can be great before, and after, but come the actual event and we can be pretty sure it will be raining or worse, just like today.


rainy Good Friday



5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Easter

  1. I think you are probably right Sula! I should be able to pick my own bank holiday! Having said that, it might cost a lot of money to the industry but also makes a lot of money in holidays, sales of useless goods and chocolate! loads of chocolate!

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    • I was thinking about that. I reckon they would still sell chocolate. People would still have egg hunts etc, maybe still call it Easter egg hunt. After all, Christians would still be marking Easter. But it would be more honest somehow.


    • Yes I read that. For you guys it is more about 4th July and thanksgiving day. What do you think, as a European person. Would it be better to have a public holiday weekend for Easter?


      • Well, people who have kids in school do get Spring Break, which is usually right before or right after Easter. The U.S. is very diligent in not making public holidays out of religious occasions, which is remarkable considering religion is much more observed over here. Besides Christmas, I guess. Non religious holidays are big equalizers though and they include everyone.

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