we are amused

The Queen and I have a few things in common

We are both Women

We are both British

And we both had birthdays this week.

And like the Queen I celebrated my birthday this week with strangers. Okay, my strangers were not lining the streets or firing gun salutes, but it was still a bit strange. On my birthday I was on a business trip in Romania, and spent the day in an accounting training – thrilling hey, I bet you are all jealous.

It was the one day in the week when it rained in Bucharest, all day. When it rains in Bucharest, the streets fill up with pools of water to catch you out as you cross the road, or walk along the pavements. When it rains, more people take to the already overcrowded roads in their cars. Nevertheless, I went into the city, with a colleague or two, meeting some more on the way, and drank a beer in an English style pub with them. It was a bit strange, spending my birthday, and this is a half round one, as a friend put it, with virtual strangers rather than with family and friends.

I lost count of the number of greetings on my Facebook page. I have always felt it is too easy to wish somebody happy birthday via Facebook, but actually it did make me feel happy that so many friends, and distant relations had stopped by for a virtual hello. It made me feel closer to home.

Maybe the Queen also feels very happy and loved when she receives virtual greetings from people all over the world. I hope so.

So in the future I will not be so cynical about birthday greetings via Facebook, it spreads a little joy in a world that otherwise has way too much bad news in it.

Cake anybody?


2 thoughts on “we are amused

  1. Happy birthday, Sue! Glad you had it in lovely Romania, despite the rain. I guess if you went to an English pub you wouldn’t have tried out the tsuica!


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