security tips for us all


I came across these security tips today to share with you all.

  1. In your car, if you have a Satnav, do not have your home address programmed as your home address – pick somewhere nearby. That way if your car, or the sat nav gets stolen, the thieves cannot find so easily where you live. This warning came with a story about some people who had their car parked in a car park especially for football fans during a game. Their car was broken into and stolen from it was the sat nav, a gun! and the key to open their garage door. When they got home, their house had been ransacked by the theives who had got in through the garage door, and knew how long the football game lasted, so how long they had to empty the house.
  2. In your mobile phone take care if you list close relatives as hubby or home etc. This came with a story about a woman who had her handbag stolen, which contained her mobile phone, her wallet and bank cards. 20 minutes later when she called her husband from a payphone to tell him what had happened, he replied that he had received her text asking about the PIN number and responded a little while ago. When they rushed to the bank, they discovered that all their money had already been withdrawn. So the moral here, is not only to take care how you list relatives, but also to add a screen lock password, and if you receive any text messages asking for such information, to call the sender to check it really is who you expect it to be.
  3. The third tip relates to travelling and came with a story about a guy who checked into a hotel, and at reception gave his credit card details, as normal, to secure any extras. Then when he was in his room he got a call from reception and a man asked him to verify his credit card details, as there was an issue with the details they had.  It turned out that this was not the reception, but a random caller who had called the hotel, and asked for a random room number. The moral of the story there is that if you get a call like that, you say that you will come down to reception to verify the details. Do not assume that just because it says reception on the display, it really is.


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