greying gracefully

I have always looked younger than my age, which was a bit of a pain when I was wanting to buy a drink as a young adult, but progressively became much more beneficial as I got older. I work in a company with a very young workforce, many of my colleagues have parents a similar age to me, and several of them are the same age as my daughters. So looking younger than my age is a plus in such a company I find.

However I have now reached the stage where I think it is time to stop dying my hair, and to start turning silver. It helps of course that silver and grey hair are trending at present. I am not sure I like the trend, as my youngest said, grey hair can look strange on a young person, but at least it means I can pretend I am trending, and still let people believe I am 10 years younger than I really am 🙂 In contrast and which helped me make my decision, is that perfect dark hair on an older face and body looks totally wrong too.

I have seen a lot of silver and grey haired women around of course since I made my decision. It is that law that always has you seeing what you are thinking of, and one thing I have noticed as I have been studying them is that it is all about the cut and condition. I have seen grey haired ladies that look fantastic, and grey haired ladies that look – well grey really. I think you have to take that bit more care about your appearance if you want to avoid looking older than you are – so shiny hair, well cut, good skin and a bit of makeup makes all the difference. That is probably why short hair looks better, it is easier to keep in good condition, although long can look great too, just probably too much work for me.

Going grey is still for me a big step. I like being thought of as younger than I am and feel younger than I am. It is always a bit of a confidence boost when people assume I am their age, when really I am not, but at the end of the day, it is what it is, and age is just a number. Even George Clooney is grey now, and still looks great.

The silver age is coming……………………….




6 thoughts on “greying gracefully

  1. I really admire you. At 53 I have so few greys, I probably take after my mother who, at 78, is not fully grey. Still, I started coloring my hair a few years ago because those few strands bothered me (and because my hair is really dark and I look a lot better at this age with a dark chestnut than with a severe black). But I like the grey trend and you are right, it all depends on the cut and the condition and the shade of grey. A good hairdresser will help you along the way to reach your best grey.


  2. I went grey very early (my 30s) and it didn’t really bother me, although interestingly it bothers my son when he sees the old photos! I started having ‘lowlights’ put in which I really liked, as it breaks up the grey and makes it more interesting. Then I went to Romania, and went to the hairdressers before I had any language, and came out with a full-head colour. Now at 67 I get really fed up with doing it all the time, and am wanting to go back to the original white (as it is now) and lowlights … but I have to do battle with my hub, who likes me with dyed hair – it suits his vanity that people think his wife is much younger than him! One of these days I must get out from under the males in my life …


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