The lost art of a lie in, or the perils of aging

Today I had promised myself a lie in, a long luxurious lie in with no pressing need to get up. But it was not to be. I was up at my standard time – 7:30 am!!! Actually, it may have been even earlier. What happened to my ability to lie in? When did it disappear? It seems like years since I had a real lie in.

I was reading an article on insomnia today, coincidentally. I am glad I do not suffer from that. The article was asking for readers tips on how to sleep –ย  they seemed a bit random, I was not convinced.

I think the reason I get up the same time daily is because my body is used to it, and of course it is supposed to be healthy getting up the same time each day, but then again, so is a nice long sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰

menopause-cartoon-046Maybe it is part of the menopause. I am definately in the phase. No more periods since about a year now – that is a definate plus. I am so happy to see the back of those. The waking up hot in the middle of the night is not such a welcome addition, and does not help the sleep of course, but at least I do not get hot flushes in the daytime. I think I am getting away quite lightly. And the greying air – or silver as I like to think of it, is coming along nicely. I went to the hairdresser yesterday. She washed it, cut it a bit shorter, dried and styled it and I was all done in 30 minutes!!! Woe, that never happened when i was dyeing it to cover up the roots. Going to the hairdressers was a long haul trip requiring lots of reading material. This time I did not even manage to read the cover of 1 magazine. And on top of all that, it looks great, the silver is subtle on the sides, and a bit at the front which is still more or less hidden by my fringe. Apparently I am missing pigment there, which is why it is so white.

I am very happy that i made the decision not to dye my hair any longer. Since I made the decision I see silver haired ladies everywhere I go, except perhaps at the office, there it is only the men who have white hair.

The one downside of this getting older is that I keep falling over. Nothing serious, I am not going senile or something, but I am being more prone to missing my footing. Last month when on a trip to Budapest, I missed my footing on the stairs to the lav. My ankle gave and it was very painful for a few days. Just as I was thinking it had recovered, then I missed my footing on the train, because I forgot about the step in the middle of the train – no idea why there was a step, totally stupid. Anyway I was on my phone so not looking ahead, and bang, the next thing I knew I was on the ground. That was exceedingly painful for the ankle, but I had to hobble off the train, it was my stop.

My ankle has been recovering ever since, and not only the ankle, but also the knee I landed on. Last week, on another train, a small boy hit my knee with his suitcase – ow, and then today we went to visit a garden, and I managed to knock that same knee against a large plant pot – no idea how. There was a searing pain, and my knee immediately got a swelling right on the kneecap. It looked decidely strange when I finally got home. I have been lathering arnica on it this afternoon and the swelling has gone down, so I guess it is nothing serious, but I will have to be exceedingly careful this week I think.

I think I have forgetfulness to look forward to, oh and the mood swings ๐Ÿ™‚ watch out hubby.



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  1. Lovely read Sula! I suppose there is a stage in life when we realise that we are growing older and learn to accept it. I’m not there yet, still fighting with myself, but hope to get over it soon! I’m taking estrogen and it helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

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