post Brexit blues

I did not really believe it would happen you know. I was hoping that remain would win the day. They did not though, and the shock was big on Friday morning. The shock was big not just for me, but for millions of others, including a lot of the leave campaign, including their leaders.

Now some of those who voted leave realise that their votes were based on lies, lies fed to them by the leave campaign and readily believed by a disillusioned public. They want their votes back, they feel robbed. The 48% who voted in also feel robbed and shocked. Future plans and dreams have been severely affected by this vote. It is not just the economy, although the effect on that is bad enough at these times, but also their plans to live and work abroad have suddenly become much more difficult to fulfil.

I am one of the lucky ones. I have lived and worked abroad for the past 25 years, all on the basis of EU membership. I can stay in Switzerland as I have a Swiss pass. I can work in the EU because I have a Swiss pass. I am not so affected, but I still feel that I have been robbed. My EU membership will be taken away, and I did not even get a vote, as I have been 15 years out of the UK. I understand the anger of those still living in the UK. I would be angry too.

For all this talk of freedom and sovereignty, what greater freedom can we have than being able to choose for ourselves where we live and what we do?  We do not choose where we are born, the colour of our skin, the religion we are born in to, but we can choose where we live later, what religion if any we follow, what we think, what we believe and whom we can trust. These are freedoms.

I have never understood why people get hung up on sovereignty, and I think in this case it was a convenient card to play for the undecided but patriotic. Wars have been fought and won and lost about land and sovereignty, but to what end? People are quick to condemn religion for all the conflict it has brought, but wars about land rights has probably caused a lot more, but nobody condemns sovereignty because of that.

Now Britain is divided in more ways than one, the end is coming for Great Britain – how ironic is that?


8 thoughts on “post Brexit blues

    • I can imagine. What is your view on the theory that article 50 will not be invoked? It could be true. Boris planned all this for his own ends, but I do not think he thought they would win. Now he has where is his jubilation? He does not really want to leave the EU, he just wanted to be PM. A lot of damage has been done with his games and lies, and it will take a lot to repair it


      • Sorry, only just saw your comment, Sue. I don’t get notifications from wordpress, Will have to sort it out. I really hope they will invoke article 50- over 4 million people pledged to it!. But the situation is just getting worse everyday, I don’t know, as nobody knows what’s going to happen. But I fear we may have another woman for prime minister and she s a nasty piece of work. 😦


      • Invoking article 50 will be a mistake unless they do a second referendum to confirm this really is the will of the people. We all know that it is not the will. It was a decision based on lies and too important one to follow through on on the basis of lies and treachery. As for the Tory candidates, all are bad choices, but are there any good people in the conservative party?


  1. We seem to be in mess and chaos. I’m waiting until the hullabaloo dies down, to see where we get to. Meanwhile I’m praying for some wise leadership to emerge.


  2. I am still in shock (and annoyed my recurring dream of moving back to the UK on the basis of my Italian passport will be made more difficult). I realize that for many it was a vote against the status quo, a protest vote but to keep on hearing people interviewed saying they voted to leave but didn’t really expect their vote to matter is a bit disingenuous. There are no do overs now. Sad.


    • It seems that Foreigners are not welcome in the UK anymore anyway, so probably not the best country to head to. Ireland is nice I believe, if you can cope with the weather. The people of the UK are not practised enough in voting, I think that is part of the issue, like in the US in a way. This BREXIT win was based on the sake lies and fears that Trump peddles, and a President Trump seems now more and more possible


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