A month can be a very long time

So after the Brexit blues of my last post it has been a month since I have blogged. It has been a month of highs and lows. I went to New York with my daughter, that was a big high. – I will do a whole blog post on that, and maybe on the Americans I met back here who claimed that New York is not representative of the US. I am sure they are right, just like London is not representative of the UK, but both are cool cities and a good start.

I did put on more weight though in NY. There were just too many gluten free food places, so now I am trying my best to shift those extra kilos, mainly through watching what I eat and cutting evening meal. A friend of mine in Germany has lost at least 30 kilos in around 6 weeks or something. He is raving about a diet product he tried. It helped him lose all this weight and on top of that get all his vital signs like cholestrol and blood pressure to be the best they have ever been. The stuff is not available in Switzerland unfortunately, but it sounds good. Even without the magic powder I have managed to lose 3 kilos in a week just by skipping dinner and eating sensibly in the day.

Of course New York is the home ground of Donald Trump, and it was a bit of a shock to actually meet people who took him seriously. Mind you there were a lot who did not, so that was good. But Donald Trump is seriously scary. I fully appreciate that Republicans will not vote for Hilary, and naturally Democrats will not vote for Trump, and now we have democrats who will not vote for Hilary either and Republicans who will not vote for Trump. But who will they vote for? Some say vote Clinton to stop Trump, tactical voting, but if you are really against Clinton then you cannot vote for her to stop Trump.

If I was American, I am not sure who I would vote for either, although it would for sure not be Trump. I think I am in the pre Trump blues phase at present, not helped by the terrorist attacks that are happening in Europe. Isis want us to fear them and Trump and his like play to those fears in their campaigns. It is a dark time in history I feel at present.

tuesdayMoving on, our youngest moves out in a couple of days, she will be moving in with a couple of friends. I have been very impressed with how she has managed to virtually furnish the apartment and kit it out for free. All she had to do was ask, put out some ads on Facebook pages, or call up people advertising free stuff, and stuff was just given. She got a chair, a coffee table, rugs and lamps, as well as  a vacuum cleaner, kitchen pans and a pile of packing boxes, all for free. I am not sure this would work in all countries, but in a relatively wealthy place like Switzerland people are happy to give stuff away.

So then it will be just me and my husband, home alone with a lot of space. The empty nest syndrome. I am not sure I know what that is really, but I am already redesigning a bedroom to be  a guest room, so I am not too worried. We are even playing with the idea of having a refugee move into the middle bedroom, but I will have to empty it a bit before that can happen. I need to talk to the local council to see how feasible it is really and what the need is.

So August 1 is around the corner, Switzerland’s birthday, it will be 725 years old, not bad at all, plus we get a day off to celebrate, so that has to be good.


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  1. Happy holiday! Hope you’re having fun We have the first rain here for several weeks, which is much-needed. The grass is brown.

    Empty nest syndrome – Hub and I got over that by getting out of the nest ourselves, and spending 5 years in Romania. Time for some adventure.


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