blackboard wall

Recently I finally found the time to stick up some blackboard wallpaper that I bought nearly a year ago, and has been rolled up ever since! My husband was away two days and nights, so I hung it in that time. It looks just like I imagined it would, which is pretty cool.

Here it is after the redesign i did yesterday.


So why did it take me so long and what finally got me to hang it up? Initially I was looking for the right wallpaper paste as the instructions specified a particular sort of paste, which needless to say I could not find. But we had some regular wallpaper paste powder in the storeroom, and in the end that is what I used, but additionally I also needed my husband to be out of the way. Why did I need him out of the way? Well I was afraid he would interfere. I suspected he would be critical of the straightness or otherwise of the cutting, the consistency of the glue, even the whole idea of sticking it to the kitchen cupboard. So he was away, 2 days and 2 nights hiking in the mountains. I had space and time to lay out the paper, cut to size, trim, mix the paste and stick it up.

It is not perfect I admit it, you can see in the paper that the line on the right is not quite straight. Hubby noticed that straightaway when he got home, even suggesting pulling it off and redoing it!!! But for me it does not have to be perfect, I love it as it is.

The above words are my second attempt. I have been busy on pinboard finding suitable pictures to give me inspiration, although this is my own design in the end.


when Christmas comes then the design will change to a tree, and probably at Easter there will be an Easter theme going on. I like that birthday cake too, when one of us has a birthday. It saves on cards.  I love the versatility of it all. Not sure what my husband thinks of it, it is not really his thing. His one comment to the rewrite was querying the dinner in 5.  But no worries, as the blackboard says – life is too short, just live it. Maybe I will go add WTF to it as well 🙂