in praise of home office

A photo by Rayi Christian Wicaksono.

Today I took a home office day. They are not really encouraged at our place, but it was so good. I could spend some extra time in bed, I did not have to dress up, nor take the train. That daily commute is so tiring, and such a lot of time. I saved nearly 2 hours, by not doing it. I could use that 2 hours much more profitably at home and had enough energy left at the end of the day to go and play badminton, something I have not done in weeks.

I have never really understood why our company does not like home office. They provide all the IT tools to do it, but I think they hope we use them only in the evening or at the weekend :). I suspect they think we do not work as hard, but if the work is there, we have to do it, so what does it matter where we do it. Today was pretty efficient. I got done what I had to get done. The only downside was not having a bigger monitor for my laptop.

I think I will have to try and persuade my boss to let me take 1 day a week home office as a regular thing.


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