autumn is here

the first half of September was apparently the hottest in 50 years here in Switzerland. Summer is great for wearing light easy clothing, sipping chilled wine, and sailing down the river. Now the second half is quite different, much cooler and more prone to rain. Summer is over, Autumn is here.


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 I  like Autumn, it is possibly my favourite time of the year. I love the colours on the trees, and the crisp feel to the air. I like it being cooler to sleep at night, and I love the fashions, being able to layer some clothes, put on some boots, and wear autumn colours.

Our furnishings have anyway a tendancy towards Autumn, being cheery coloured wood, tarten throws and orange tinted cushions. This is the best time for it. Plus there are all the other pluses of the season



What do you think? Autumn fan, or do you prefer Spring?


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