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This week I am taking a week off work and just holidaying at home. I spend so little time at home, that I wanted this week just to chill and do some of those things I never have time for on a weekend.

I already have quite a list for this week including going to the hairdressers, painting some walls, and furniture, doing the garden and sorting out the middle bedroom. I am also meeting friends for lunch on Wednesday which I am so looking forward to. Lunch with friends is something I never have time for normally.

Yesterday  I went to Jazzercise which was great. I am one of those people who could so easily talk myself out of going to any sport, but I am glad I went. It is so energising moving to the music, and the group are so easygoing, no pressure. I hope to fit in another class this week, maybe before the ladies lunch. 🙂


After Jazzercise I wandered into town and had a leisurely coffee in a super little delicatessen in Thun that has lots of gluten free goodies

Then in the afternoon I started on the sorting out of the middle bedroom. We had an idea to maybe host a refugee, so I wanted to make space. However probably we will not host a refugee after all. The original idea was to offer someplace safe for a young woman who might otherwise be in a vunerable situation. However  I called our local community and they said they were only interested in complete apartments for refugees, but gave me another number to try. So then I rang this number which is the coordination office in the nearest City and they said thanks, but no thanks, we are only interested in complete apartments, but they told me to try the Swiss refugees assistance charity. So then I checked out the website for the Swiss refugees assistance charity, and yes, they are looking for hosts, but only for unaccompanied minors, a sort of  foster family.  In reality I think we are not ready to be foster parents to a traumatised young person. I am working full time, and it would all be down to my husband who does not have the time or patience that would be needed. Plus of course, a lot of these young people may have seen terrible things done by men, and it would not help if a man was the main carer.

So I am rethinking what we do with the space. It is very quiet now the girls have moved out, and I do feel that we should be doing something useful with the space. We will see. Maybe we just rent out a room to someone who needs a place in the week, and goes home at weekend, or we turn it into a fitness room!!! Or we let a homeless person sleep there. I am sure something will happen that gives me a sign for what I should use it for.

In the meantime it is a good exercise clearing out some of the stuff which I am busy putting on facebook sale sites – free to good homes mainly. In germany it was easier to get rid of stuff for free. One ad and it would be gone within hours. Here it takes longer, but some of it goes. There is always the Brockenstube for the rest – that is like a secondhand shop and they are everywhere over here. The Swiss are wealthy, and happy to give stuff away instead of getting money for it, so the Brockenstube do a great trade and cater to the not so well off. That said, I love going in a good Brocki. I was in one yesterday looking for some furniture. For me, it is recycling, I like to buy pre-owned rather than always new stuff. However I did not find anything suitable, so instead rearranged the stuff  in the furniture we already had, and lo and behold, I no longer need another piece of furniture. 🙂

That reminds me of the tip of sorting out the stuff before buying boxes, which applies pretty much also to furniture too.

And today, after Church, I did a bit in the Garden, cos it is such a lovely day today, a beautiful warm autumn day,  and then I started on painting the furniture. We have some old pine bedside cabinets, that we have had forever. Mine was in the showerroom for a time, storing towels, and it did not do it any good. So, I am repainting the drawers in a shabby chic style. We will see how it turns out. I will do a post on the before and after later in the week.


3 thoughts on “holiday on balconia

  1. You sound very contented, pottering around your house. It’s a good idea to put some time in at home when you’re otherwise so busy. What a shame that it didn’t work out for hosting a refugee, but as you say, your heart is open, and it won’t be long before you get a nudge in the right direction.


  2. Pottering around your house does sound like a good idea. I like the sound of Jazzerize. That is so nice of you thinking of the refugees Something will open up I am sure. Enjoy your week Hugs


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