losing the will

You know how men claim that shopping with women is a mind numbing experience? There are many cartoons on the subject and witty pictures of men collapsed under shopping bags. Let me tell you something, it can be the same or worse for women shopping with men.

Today we went to the shops to get my husband a new pair of running shoes. His actual shoes are falling apart at the seams, literally, and have huge holes in them. It was time, yet for some reason, hubby could not seem to get himself to a shop alone to get some more. So I went with him. It did not start well. I drove, as normal, and he criticised my parking, as normal. I handed him the car keys as we got out of the car and told him that as he is such a good driver, he can drive home.

We went to the sports shop. It is 20% off everything day. We looked at some sports shoes, which were in the sale. My Husband pulled the old tatty shoes out of his rucksack, and measured the sole with his tape. He started measuring other shoes to find the right size. A young woman came along to advise. She advised the shoes we were looking at. My husband was not over impressed with that, as there were many other shoes to choose from. He asked her if she was advising those, because we were looking at those. She said yes, but also because they were good shoes and suited for what he wanted.

He tried them on, he tried on some more, the assistant wandered off, I  googled some reviews of the ones he was trying, and in the end, he decided on the first pair she had said.

To this point, I was okay. It had been bearable, and there was somewhere to sit while he tried on the shoes and asked all the questions. Then however, rather than just going straight to the cash desk, he decided to check out winter walking trousers. We found the trousers, and google was accessed again to check them out. An assistant showed up and once again there were many questions, decisions to be made, would the trousers be warm enough, or any better than the ones he already had if he added long thermal leggings under them? My mind started going numb, my back started aching, I was losing the will to live. My stomach felt ill, I needed food, or a coffee at least.

But in the sports shop there was no coffee corner, or any more seats. I had to stay, as I had the 20% card and the shoes still needed paying for. I thought it could not take too long, but then the young assistant took him to the thermal leggings and then the gaiters. I always knew where he was as I could hear his voice, asking questions, from wherever he was. Oh my, now  I really was feeling like sitting in the corner and going to sleep. In the end, he decided against the trousers, or leggings, or gaiters, and so we paid for the shoes. No 20% because they were already on sale. If only I had known, I could have been somewhere more interesting.!

I told my husband I had lost the will to live and needed a coffee, so we went to a coffee shop where I could revive slightly. We still had the supermarket shop to do, which was mercifully short, and then we could go back to the car. Hubby opened the car with the car key, threw in his shopping and jumped into the passenger side. You are driving, I reminded him.

I quite soon regretted telling him to drive actually. Tell me ladies, do all guys drive with one hand on the steering wheel and the other resting, just waiting to change gear in the last minute? As we sped up to traffic or junctions, it was maybe lucky that I had lost the will to live already, otherwise I would have been hitting those imaginary brakes for sure. 🙂

Still, I suppose the plus is, that now he has new shoes we do not have to go shopping again for some time. You have to look on the bright side.


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