a day in Vienna

last week I was in Vienna on a business trip. Vienna is of course a lovely city, and it was not my first time there, which was lucky, as most of the time I was in a hotel room listening to Chinese, but that is another story. On the Saturday, after a leisurely breakfast, I had a few hours to sight see before my evening flight. So my first tip is to get across to the City air terminal which is not far from Karlsplatz, and check in the luggage. From here there are 2 trains an hour directly to the airport for just 12 euro in 19 minutes. Great service. Luggage can be checked in up to 24 hours in advance. Flying into Vienna it is also possible to get a return train ticket for 19 euros valid a month, or combine it with a 1 to 7 day pass on the Vienna transport.

The CAT is in a shopping centre, and probably I should have done my shopping before checking in my case, as Desigual had a mid season sale, so I ended up carrying my purchases all round Vienna for the rest of the day ! I love Desigual, but it is not so easy to find in Switzerland, plus more expensive. Euros always look cheaper than francs if I do not do the conversion 🙂

So after my check in and shopping, I decided to head for the Naschmarkt in Vienna, and because I had not bought a 24 hour metro ticket the night before, I decided to walk. From the CAT terminal, it is possible to take a walk down through the Stadt park. Here are some photos from the walk.


It was a very nice walk, and from the other end it is fairly straightforward to continue down to Karlsplatz. Vienna is covered pretty well by free WiFi, so if all else fails you can also get the phone out and call up the maps app.


Just the other side of Karlsplatz is the Naschmarkt which is a mass of stalls selling all sorts of amazing foodstuffs, like spices, stuffed dates, cheeses and meat. There are restaurants and bars and on the far side there was a huge flea market with just about anything you can think of for sale. To be honest it felt more like a Turkish bazaar with traders offering their wares, music playing, and the general bustle and noise. In the midst of it all however, I had a delicious lunch of wok fried vegetables and rice, before heading back for a metro to go back to the CAT. That was enough walking for one day 🙂


So all in all it was a good few hours, and I am glad i did it to round off my week in the City. At Vienna airport you really do not need a lot of time, and I probably still got there too early, but there had free WiFi again, and I had a book, so it was okay, but for next time, getting there 30 minutes before scheduled boarding time would be time enough.

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