processing frustration

bang-headtwo things happened today to cause me some frustration, and both involved dealing with men in my life, one being my boss and one being my husband, and both were connected to processes or lack of them.

The boss and I had a bit of a culture clash today with a surreal discussion about how I need not correct data, even if in favour of the company, if it is only due to timing and the system will correct it anyway later. It is better to let the process lead, than to spend time making adjustments apparently. At our place it is all about process, and writing or publishing a process will earn a person extra kudos, and trying not to follow the process is futile, and exceptions are really not wanted.

And husband, well he had not followed any process today. I had left him a note this morning asking him to post 2 parcels for me. He did not know what they contained – well he should have, as they were Christmas presents, and I had shown him them before packing them up. But he was clearly not listening back then.

So he went to the post office and was told that the smaller parcel was Fr.12 to post, whereas the larger was Fr.41. These parcels contained exactly the same things, but the larger one was just in a bigger box, containing mainly air. He did not call me to ask me if I wanted to spend so much money posting it, or choose to bring it home to check with me later. And then he had to fill in the slips for customs. He did not know what they contained, so rather than call me, he made it up. Different contents for each, and both totally wrong!  Clearly next time I need to either define the process, including maximum postage costs and clear instructions what to do if anything is unclear or unknown.

frustrated-child-450-x-3001So I was pretty annoyed when I found out what he had done, but apparently it is my own fault, because he claims to have assumed that I had checked the likely postage online in advance, so knew what it would be.

I think next time the process will be to just do it myself.