preparing for Christmas

I had the day off today. It was wonderful. So nice to stay home, and just chill. I really should do it more often.

Work is in that period of the run up to Christmas, when everything has to be finished, and it seems they want everything done by the 15th of December, so everyone is stressing out. They are even offering supper now for those who are working late. I hope I am never there late enough to eat it.

partidgeOn Thursday evening however we have the works Christmas party. My regular readers might remember my post on it from last year. This year will also be a similar event, only this year there have not been so many volunteers to do entertainment, so yesterday we were told that every department has to do something!!! I had written a 12 days of Christmas parody a few weeks ago when they were first looking for acts. I sent it round the department and got no response whatsoever. 🙂 Now is rather late to prepare anything really, but I guess we will have to do something. An added complication is that the 12 days of Christmas seems to be only known in the UK and US, so a parody of it may not work.

I finished wrapping gifts this morning. No young children anymore sure makes it easier on the gift buying front. I cannot believe I am done already, plus I have decorated the whole apartment, although that was last Sunday. What do you think of my minimalist tree and decorative blackboard wall?



so easy, and so effective. I love it. Of course having some lights wrapped round each stick might be good too, but powering them would be  a little tricky.

card-clipart-gallery-for-christmas-cardAll that is left to do is write the Christmas cards and plan the dinner. I always leave writing cards too late. Maybe I should start doing them on the train in the mornings, instead of surfing the net on my phone. Actually, I might just do that, it will get a lot done in no time at all.

Oh and finally I have to show you something I made today on my day off. I had some old place mats, that had really seen better days, and with a design that I was tired of,  and some fabric not doing anything. The fabric was stripy and some stars. So I cut up the fabric, put it face together and made 6 bags for the mats. er voila – reversible mats, good for Winter and Summer.



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