some of my favourite Apps

I am not an App freak, but I do have a few that just make my life so much easier. They are all free, although actually I have nothing against paying for good apps. The developers have to live too.

wpid-tips-for-using-evernote-effectively.pngThe first has to be Evernote – it is a note keeping app based on cloud storage. It syncs from the PC to the phone, and back, instantly, and you can have multiple notebooks, tags and add photos as easily as anything. I have it on both my phones and use it to track all my logins, cards, and to do lists. My latest notes include tracking what I have got whom for Christmas, and what the next book is I want to buy or download.

The second is Twint. Now this is like an instant pay app, using bluetooth. it is a Swiss app,twint and currently not many places take it, and not many people use it, but they should, it is so easy. I buy my lunch with it every day as the local canteen only takes either cash or Twint. To add credit is also very easy once you have linked a bank account, and of course it needs a pin so someone just finding the phone could pay with Twint, but not top it up to spend even more. Therefore I do not have too much credit on it at any one time. Another great feature is using it to pay online purchases. Several place will take it for that, and if they do, then they do not charge any extra fees like with debit and credit cards. No putting in numbers etc, just scan or enter  a code and it is done. I bought my husbands Christmas present while sitting on a tram the other week using it, it was that easy. Obviously I cannot tell you what that was, as he might be reading my blog – unlikely, but you never know.

img_20161211_223241.pngInstagram is another of my favourite apps now. It took me a while to sign up for that, but it is really cool to share photos from my phones via it. I love all the quick ways to edit the photo and the photos always look great.


And today I discovered a new app that I think will become a favourite. It is a online calendar Teamup. They have various plans, for private or for business, but I went for the free one for now. I have set up a calendar for our Church council so we can keep track of important dates. The others can either just view, or they can modify, depending on the link I give them. It is cloud based again, accessible via a PC or the app, which is great. Just so easy. My husband who is a website designer has just taken the tool as well and is incorporating it in his latest design, having spent hours trying to get some plugin to work. 🙂 He should just have asked me earlier.

so what are your favourite apps?


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  1. I only have some basic ones because I’m slightly uncertain about them … but I do enjoy whatsapp and am developing different groups which use it. Such an efficient way to stay in touch, and fun too!


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