2016 and more

2016 is one of those years that was personally basically good to very good, but generally bad to very bad. It is one of those years that will go down in history as being a year of death and revolution, when the people were fooled by claims and counter claims, into voting not only for Brexit, but also for Trump. War continues in Syria and millions upon millions of people are refugees, and there seems no end in sight of all the killing. In fact with Trump as president, it could get worse.

Personally however, it was a good year. I travelled so much, to so many  places: China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Germany and New York. Work went well, the boss was pleased, the grades were good.My work life balance is 1000 times better than when I was in Germany, in the previous job. I stopped dying my hair, and have not yet regretted it. I got more involved with our local Church again and took over as Treasurer in my spare time. Our youngest moved out, leaving it quiet at home, and much tidier, but no more cakes. No more cake is technically good, as I really could do with losing some weight, but it is not that easy. I have made it to the age when the metabolism slows down and the weight does not shift so easily.

I took a look back to this time last year to see what my goals had been for 2016. I found my post reviewing 2015, and basically the goal for 2016 was: “Life is too short to drink bad wine, and there comes a point when we have to stop drinking the cheap stuff or putting up with the same old sh*t as before, and instead to learn to look for quality and meaning in life.”  Now I know what I had in mind with this, and to be honest, some of the old sh*t is still around, but I recognise it better now for what it is, and have not lost my focus on change. I certainly stopped drinking bad wine, as there is absolutely no point to it, but some things are easier to change than others.

So what is the goal for 2017? I read something on twitter the other day from the Yoga teacher I did the retreat with, 3 years ago, and she was suggesting instead of goals, we choose a word for the year. I like that idea, but I need to think of what word will sum up what I want to achieve, and for that I need to decide what I want to achieve in the next year. Certainly more fun. Now the girls have moved out, we have time and funds to so more social things. We were at a concert the other week which was fun, and Jools Holland is doing the same venue in March, so  a good reason to return. I also have booked some tickets to see the Irish comedian Dara o’Briain in Basel in January. An event a month is a good way to start to have more fun. We have also booked a 2 week vacation ( my brother hates me using that word 🙂 ) but anyway, we will be going to Sri Lanka in April for 2 weeks, doing a tour, it will be fantastic. I am so excited about it. That will be such an amazing experience. I think my word might be more

More fun,

More love,

More exercise,

More sleep,

More water  ( I really should drink more)

More success in the right things

and more time with people who make me happy.

moreSo what is your word for 2017?




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  1. I think mine might be levity. I am glad you had a good year. Can’t quite say the same which is why I could do with more levity. Happy New Year! (I also booked a vacation – or shall I say holiday – today: South Africa and Namibia).


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