and now for less

My word of the year might be more, but more weight was not what I had in mind.

Last week we were at the sauna evening, trying to get some warmth to the bones in these freezing temperatures we have. I popped on the scales, and I must say I was a bit shocked by the number it showed me. It is not horrendous, but it was a bit higher than I wanted.

When I was young, and indeed up to my mid 40’s I never had to worry about my weight, well not that it was too high at any rate, more the opposite really. Now I am older, then it seems to be getting harder to stay as lithe as I was. So I made a decision to go on a diet – again 🙂 Only this time I downloaded a calorie counting app, and this has really helped. First of all it told me that my BMI was in the perfect range – so that was good, then it told me how many calories to eat a day to achieve my goal weight. Just the act of putting in what I eat makes me think twice.

So one week later I put a new battery in our scales, and found that the ones at the sauna had over weighed by a kilo, plus I had lost a kilo, so now 2 kilos down on the figure from last week. Great start 🙂

mind-in-20We have also been walking a lot, long walks more than an hour. The walking is not only for exercise but also because both me and my husband have bad backs at present, so walks are good for that, and about the only exercise we can manage. I think we must be getting old. I was reading in the Guardian today the first part of their special series about the older generation in Britain, where the average age is now 40 for the first time ever. Most older people do not think of themselves as old. Because today we tend to live longer than the generation before us, and stay more active, so age becomes even more relative. They stay active, drive our cars, go jogging and serve on committees. We do not feel older, yet our bodies are of course ageing and with that comes those aches and pains, and expanding waistlines.

I also bought a bottle of apple vinegar at the weekend, after we had walked to town, as I read somewhere that 4 tablespoons in water every day of apple vinegar boosts the metabolism and the immune system and helps lose weight. So for Fr.6 it is worth a try. Perhaps that is why my back feels a bit better today, not all that walking at all.



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  1. You’re the second person to advise the use of apple vinegar, so I might give it a try for joint pain. I found fish oil made no difference at all. Well done on taking the bull by the horns, making decisions and putting them into practice!


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