Standing up to Trump

This week has been a helluva ride as the saying go, and the ban on the citizens of seven countries just did it for me. I have been devouring news on it, surfing twitter, trying to understand what the hell is going on. But of course, it is not possible to understand. The majority of right thinking people feel as appalled as I do. Maybe even as scared, cos I think this is a very scary development.

I have written on this very blog that the man is a narcisst, and nobody can argue with that now. Today I was reading that many, and I mean really a lot, not just me, are claiming he is not just a narcisst, but a malicious one, who is seriously mentally ill, and unable to tell fact from fiction. He is playing with peoples lives, with no qualms and no thoughts for them. He is denying the rights of people based on their nationality only, with no basis at all. The number of americans killed by terrorists from those nations, on US soil, is 0, absolutely none at all.

I met a lady in Church on Sunday, she was originally from Iraq, but live(d) in Chicago. She was over on a visit to her son. Does she know she cannot go home to her life back in Chicago? I do not know, I did not ask her. She was going to visit a sick son in Montreal on the way home, she had enough to worry about without me mentioning what some crazy guy who did not know her, nor care about her, was up to with his new found power.

And that is also what is scary. Donald Trump seems to have a lot of power. He can sign bills without consulting anyone, and the Republican house does nothing to stop him. His side kick Bannon is seriously nasty, and the two of them together is a frightening combination.

Add into the mix a few nasty dictators who know what strings to pull, and we are looking at a dark place.

But there is a silver lining. We are all linked on this planet now in a way we never were before. It is very different to the time of Hilter. Then only some Germans stood up to him, and they died as a result. In other parts of the world nobody realised what was happening until it was almost too late.

Today there are protests in the streets, protests at airports, people standing up all over against these terrible policies. We have so much social media and can mobilise quickly, spread the word, and combat the fear based hate he and his ilk are trying to spread. We are at a place in history where I really do believe we have to stand up and be counted, because if we do not, then there will be more conflict and  more suffering on a scale we have not yet seen, and what we have seen up to now is harrowing enough.


image: London standard

Perhaps this is what we needed to ignite our common humanity. We need to stand together, regardless of, politics, race or faith. If we do not stand together we will die apart. I just hope enough people realise this, and we do not need even more crazy stunts from so called world leaders before they do. The vested interests, the party politics, it all has to stop, only that way can we show what the human race is really about.

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  1. ‘And that is also what is scary. Donald Trump seems to have a lot of power. He can sign bills without consulting anyone, and the Republican house does nothing to stop him.’ – I couldn’t agree more! This is what worries me!


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