Romantic thoughts on Valentines day


Romance is the language of love expressed through action.

Let it come from your heart.

Although it need not cost a lot, do not count the cost

Do not say that a flower will die, so I buy you a plant.

A flower is beautiful and the symbol of love, what does it matter if it does not live a long time?

Your love will die quicker if you always use rationality.

Romance is doing something just because, just because you love someone else.

It can be to write a poem, or compose a song, or paint a picture for your love.

It can be to list the many things you love about that person.

It can be a dinner for two cooked by you for them, of their favorite foods, with a candle and a rose on the table.

It can be asking someone else to take the kids while you stay close together in bed.

It can be sending them a note in their lunchbox, or hidden in their luggage when they are on a business trip, or maybe a whats app when apart for the day.

It can be meeting them at the station without being asked to.

It should not just be when on Valentine’s day, birthdays or anniversaries.

Make it part of your life to honour the other person in your life.

Happy Valentines day. rose


3 thoughts on “Romantic thoughts on Valentines day

  1. Great sentiments, Sue. So true that we should celebrate our love as part of our everyday life, because we never know what’s round the corner. Not only because of that, of course!


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