An evening with Jools Holland

Last night we went to a concert given by Jools Holland in a small village near Bern. The venue, Mühle Hunzigen is an old Mill, that is totally eccentric.  The audience are spread over 3 floors up in the body of the Mill, and the artists can look up at us all above looking down.  Jools and his friends were always looking up, they seemed amazed by the place. It is amazing though. All wood and metal with life size statutes of movies characters like Superman, Dracula, Elvis or surreal creatures like weird cats and monsters, gargoyles and rabbits.


spotted in the Ladies Loo

That Jools would play such a small venue is a great treat for us. He is not so well known here in Switzerland perhaps, although the place was pretty full. The ticket price was reasonable, and he put on a great show. His piano playing skills are amazing, it was fantastic to watch. In the line up he also had some great singers including Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall. Their voices are amazing, especially Ruby.



We were with another couple at the venue and Sylvie loved Ruby. She had seen her in London once, by chance, and was totally impressed. She had bought a rose with her for Ruby and in one of the encore numbers was able to rush up and give it to the Lady herself, who took it gladly. They were all so nice, and the atmosphere was so informal and easy.

After the concert they disappeared backstage, but we hung around chatting, having another drink, and then I decided to try for  a CD. There were not many to buy and when I went down, none to be seen, so I asked a guy where he got his, and he suggested I went back stage to ask. So I did. I went through the curtain, and down a little corridor and there they all were sitting and eating dinner. So i got my CD, told them it had been a fantastic show and then left. A little later the same guy who had suggested I went behind, signed up to me that they were signing the CD’s, so down I went again, to find a 2 others waiting, CD’s in hand, in front of the same curtain. People came out from behind the curtain with signed CD’s but the 2 in front of me seemed unsure as to what to do. The Guy showed me his Jools Holland CD collection on his phone. This was a real fan, who had imported his CD’s from the Uk as they were unavailable here. Yet still he would not go backstage. So I did my good deed of the evening and went backstage again, down the corridor and there they all were still sitting and chatting. So I asked if they were still signing CD’s and Jools came up and said sure. I told him about his big fan waiting, and so we fetched him in, and not only did he get his CD signed, but he also got his photo taken with Jools. He was so happy. And Jools was so nice. I was very impressed. Plus I got my CD cover signed too 🙂


My Husband took a bunch of photos and uploaded them to dropbox, so if you want to see some more just click on the image below.





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