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We had a rather surreal conversation on Sunday evening.  We were all naked and chatting in the sauna as one does. One older man, called Beat, knowing we are English speaking wanted to talk to us in English, to practice. The conversation went something like this:

img_20170322_214456.pngBeat: “”I am going to England soon, to Pembrokeshire.””

Hubby: “ah that is nice”

Beat: “” I will fly to Brighton, and then it is 60 km east to the camping site with hire car””

Hubby: “”really?  I did not know there is an airport at Brighton””

Beat; “”Oh yes, I have used it before. I fly from Zurich to Paris and then to Brighton””

Now I had been only half listening, not really joining in, but I said to my husband quietly, that surely he means Bristol, for Pembrokeshire, cos 60 km east of Brighton, even if there is an airport, will put him in the ocean.

Hubby; “” Do you mean Bristol airport? “”

Beat:  “no no, definately Brighton””

He told us the name of the campsite and was most definate about his trip so we did not argue,  and when we got home I started googling. There is an airport at Brighton, but just for private light planes. Somehow I do not think Beat is flying by private plane. The camp site, which is a nudist campsite, is in Cambridgeshire, not Pembrokeshire. The airport in that case is most likely Stansted, which is 60 km from the camp site, and basically you could say you are driving east.

So we think Beat is going to Cambridgeshire via Stansted rather than Pembrokeshire via Brighton. Whether he is really flying from Zurich to Paris to reach Stansted is still an unknown, but I hope not. Easyjet do it directly from Geneva and probably also from Basel.

I am looking forward to hearing all about his trip when he gets back .

UPDATE. 27th March. We saw Beat in the sauna again yesterday. He corrected himself. It turns out that he will be flying to Birmingham and then driving to Cambridgeshire. 👍

Possibly still via Zurich and Paris. I wonder if I should tell him about easyjet.



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