Sri lanka impressions

we have been back one week now from a 2 week long holiday on Sri Lanka. It was the first real holiday that we have had in several years, a real holiday in my book being where you switch off, experience new things and return feeling truly refreshed.

We had a private tour, my husband and I, for 9 days touring the sights in the centre to north of the island, and then 3 days on the beach. Sri Lanka is a place that has been referred to as Paradise, and I could see why. Everything grows there, the plants and wildlife is amazing, the people are happy and friendly, and the sun shines every day.

The none paradise aspects however are the corruption and inaction of the government keeping the people poor, the litter that is so prevalent everywhere and the crazy traffic and chaotic towns. But away from all that, I could imagine how the Garden of Eden might have been.

taking a ride through the countryside, seeing the different views

Sri Lanka hosts several religions. We were visiting the Buddhist area, but there were also Hindu temples, Mosques and Churches to be seen.

The wildlife was fantastic, and there are several national parks and nature reserves to protect the animals.

Taking a train


The towns with their mix of old and new, of colonial and modern.

Luxury hotels as a total contrast, with perfect service and fantastic food.

Waterways are very important on this tropical island. Bottom left is a fisherman using a rubber inner tube.


and finally on the beach. Long golden sands and warm seas. Paradise.

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