Job Hunting

The time has come to hit the road, and move on to pastures new I feel. The current job is now so automated, and there are so many processes to follow and approvals to get, that there is no room for any initiative or creativity. There is also not enough to do in a day.

I should be glad. I left the last job because there was way too much to do, and also because I  felt underappreciated as well as overworked. My health was suffering. Now I am bored, which is not as bad, but still seems such a waste of time.  There are so many other things I could be doing with my days, and sitting in an office counting the hours is so frustrating.

I did ask for part time, just one day off extra a week, but our company does not do part time, even if they could save money that way. It makes no sense. They are searching for ways to save money, but part time working is so alien to the Chinese culture that they cannot grasp that it would make me much more efficient. In actual fact, at present, I could do 50% and still get everything done, but I don’t want to take the pay cut, so am not even going to suggest it.

So I have gone pro on Xing which is a German country networking platform, brushed up my profile there and on Linkedin, and contacted a bunch of recruiters.

Against me I have the fact I am over 50 which in today’s market is old. Plus I want to work 80% ideally, and not 100%, and I do not speak very good French, which would be useful here.

But in my favour is that I am enthusiastic, experienced and speak German and English fluently. I am also willing to travel. Hire me.

and if you can’t hire me, wish me luck 🙂


3 thoughts on “Job Hunting

  1. Good for you. Taking up challenges is what keeps us youthful. Hoping an interesting job comes along for you soon … or will you set up your own business, I wonder?


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