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last night I went to the Theatre with friends. This is English Theatre, which is a rare treat here in Switzerland. The Caretakers are an amateur group of young people in Bern, who act in English, even when it may not be the mother tongue for them all. It was a series of one act plays they put on, 6 short plays, not really connected to each other, but all very good. My favourite was probably one about a guy who went for an interview, a regular situation for most of us, but which turned out to be a very weird interview with a lot of mind tricks going on for the poor candidate, and in the end he pushed the forbidden red button – ” it is okay to push it, it is the letting it go again that is dangerous” 🙂

The plays took place in a tiny Theatre near the centre, where I had never been. It seats  60 people, so very cosy. Nearby was a Mexican restaurant, that none of us had been to before. Mexican food can be great for those like me who are coeliac, and this was no exception. The food was authentic, and tasty, and the staff were the real McCoy. Shame my Spanish is so limited. The decor was very earthy and colourful, and the prices were very reasonable for Bern. We will be going back.



This evening we have a guest arriving. This is potentially another good deed. I was forwarded a mail from an English lady looking for a family to host her daughter part of the week, to save her travelling so far every day. She is working and studying just up the road in Thun and the travelling is getting to be too much for her. So we thought, okay, why not. We have 2 bedrooms doing nothing, and so tonight she arrives for a test week, to see if she likes us, and we like her. Hopefully it works out for all, and we will have an onsite cat sitter, which has to be a plus.

This week is going to be freezing, literally, just about everywhere, so wrap up warm, and have a good week.

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