planting up

The weather is just amazing at present. 27 degrees in April. I love this weather.

The fence turned out pretty well in the end, I am happy with it, the remaining lacquer went far enough just to use on touching up the paler parts. So today we went looking for plants, because slowly we are working towards having a whole new terrace and flower bed – material for another post. But today we just went looking at plants, to get some ideas, and because i needed to plant up my window boxes.

below is the before and after. I am really happy with the result. The strawberry pot was unfortunately full of ants, and so I could not rescue the plants. We put it in a wheelbarrow and wheeled it to the woods, where we dumped the contents. Perhaps there will be strawberries in the woods later.

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  1. You seem to have been quite busy. The end seems to be very nice. Like you this is my favorite time of year. Everything so green and fresh.. The birds going to and fro fixing their nests for another year. Makes me want to get out and work in the flower garden. Hugs

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