3 Kings day – Dreikönigskuchen

Tomorrow is 3 Kings day, which is celebrated here in Switzerland with a so called 3 Kings cake, or  Dreikönigskuchen, as it is called in the German speaking area. It is a sort of bread with different pieces around a central part. One of the pieces contains something to represent a king, and whoever finds it, is King for the day.

Tomorrow also happens to be a Sunday, and in Church we will be marking the Ephipany and the visit of the kings, and after the service our Church council will also be welcoming our new Chaplain on what is termed the official visit. At this visit the prospective chaplain meets the elders of the church and other important people, and signs the documents – assuming the experience is not so overwhelming that they change their mind.

I was priviledged to be chosen as one of the Parish reps, and so interviewed the candidates for the vacancy we have had in Berne since last July. We had 2 great candidates, and it was a hard decision, but we feel that we have made the right one at this time.

So at the official visit, we will all lunch together after the Church service,  – that is those invited to the meeting with the prospective Chaplain and spouse. The rest of the congregation are not yet supposed to know who has been chosen, although I think quite a few have found out information. As part of the lunch, some of us are making 3 Kings cake, and so I decided to have a go at making a gluten free one today. Here it is – looks great, but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.


I am a bit afraid that it will fall apart if i remove it from the paper 🙂

I also made a lemon cake, gluten free, which smells yummy, and seems more inclined to hang together. I am really looking forward to tasting it tomorrow. ( the holes in the top are to drizzle the topping in to).


I will tell you the results tomorrow.