La Spice is getting married

Those who know me from blog uk days will know who La Spice is. She was one of the first bloggers I followed, she was the core of our group, she organised virtual meetups on a Saturday night; we all loved Spicey. Her blogging was of rhyme and reason, poetry and prose. She told of her life in France, of her daughter and grandchildren, and of her divorce and the sad times there, as well as her move back to the UK. But for me, I always felt she was a strong woman, even before we met, I admired her strength and wisdom. The profile picture she chose was beautiful and magical, which tells us a lot about her.

Blogmeets in the UK and in Germany, and she was there, so then we knew that la Spice was Marian. Meeting Marian in the flesh reinforced my view of what a strong woman she is, a big support to all in our blogging community back then. It was a shame when it all ended, but I am happy that we kept in touch. Our digital age allows us to keep in touch, and I was even happier when she came to visit to look after our cat when we were away 2 years ago. And Paul came too. I like Paul, he is a Yorkshire man, what is there not to like? I think it is great that they both agreed to do that, even though we only knew each other from blogging. This shows her love of life and sense of carpe diem, seizing the day.

And today Marian will marry Paul. I wish them all the very best and a great life together in the future. Stay curious and keep taking what life sends you and making the best out of it.

love sue, and graeme and kitty…………………..

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