18th March 2020, day 2

Another beautiful day here, but there are rumors that the lockdown light might become more serious, with an ausgangssperre, which means like some other countries, no going out without a good reason. This is because the young people are enjoying themselves too much, and gathering together to enjoy the sunshine and a beer, in these times of no university.

I hope it does not come to that. I will miss my daily walks. Below are some pictures of my co-worker the cat, who had a pretty lazy day today, as well as the walk in the woods I take each day.

All my friends are sending me photos on Whatsapp of what they will be drinking tonight in their individual homes. Spirits remain high here, in more ways than one.

5 thoughts on “18th March 2020, day 2

  1. After 12 days of lockdown here there are threats that even daily walks must cease. This will be very hard for us because one thing that’s keeping us sane is being able to walk the 450 steps down to the beach and then up again. We hardly ever meet another soul, and if we do everyone immediately swings wide so that there is at least a metre between us. I can’t imagine how stopping these walks is going to prevent the virus spreading!

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