Day 4 lockdown light

my co-worker was trying to muscle in on my place today.

hey, it is Friday and weekend, not sure why my co-worker looks so down about it. My first full week of home office is over. I am feeling so much more up to date than normally, and the weekend lies before me without all those things i would normally have had to do waiting for me. It is that 10 hours of commuting time I saved.

Hubby was dressed by lunchtime today, by which time I had done a whole morning of work and 3 loads of washing . We had ordered take out from the pub on the corner for lunch. Takeaway is all they are allowed to do, so we decided that once a week we would get one to support them a bit. It was good, a bit salty, but otherwise tasty and filling.

There was also a general call today for everyone to stop what they were doing, and go out on their patios or balconys and applaud the heath workers for a minute. I posted it on facebook, told my friends, and then forgot to do it. A shame really, but I am sure that it will be repeated. To be honest i am not sure anyone in our village did it, otherwise I would have heard them and remembered.

This afternoon I had a conf call at 5pm about smart home working and how to use our tools. Trainings in our company are rarely great to be honest. I had high hopes initially when Alonso was on, telling us to turn off our video links in his great US accent. He would have been a great trainer. Unfortunately he handed over to a Chinese colleague who spent the first 5 minutes trying to work out how to display the right desktop to the rest of us, which as this was a tech training seemed pretty ironic. Then the next 50 minutes was pretty painful for me to be honest. Her English was not great, and I am not sure everyone understood her. Some bits were useful, but these gems were too sparse to make up for having to listen to bad English for so long. The best bit was when someone asked how he could send files to customers. This is a huge security issue in our company, and you need approvals to send files out. The advice of this super techie was to disconnect from the company wifi, and send using a tool called wetransfer. But be careful she said, the company is still monitoring when we are offline. I was gobsmacked at this, and I think I was not the only one. At the end of the presentation, she suddenly told us not to use wetransfer at all as that was against the rules. :))

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